In Development

Our Local Co-op Game

We are developing a local co-op fantasy game for windows. Check out this page and visit us at Facebook.

Some information about the game:

  • it’s a third person castle defense game based on a wave system made for local-coop (two-player splitscreen)
  • your assignment is to guard the dragon egg and to defend the wall that protects you from the outside
  • you can choose between some heroes  of an old dragon order to select your character for the upcoming round
  • you are able to build and upgrade your defense by collecting ressources and to power up your weapons and spells by gathering gold
  • working together is the key to survive as long as possible


Please notice that the game is still under development.


Currently the game is made for local-coop with two persons or singleplayer. The second player can connect to the game by pressing the (Y) button on his controller. Later in development we want to extend the local-coop to networked coop so that the second player can connect from his or hers own device through internet or LAN connection. Player one can play with mouse and keyboard or controller and player two needs a controller.


Character selection

You can see the character class name, icon and the class skills. In the background you get a preview of your currently selected character.


Introducing the map (Dragon-Hatchery-Valley) and the local-coop splitscreen.

Welcome to the Dragon-Hatchery-Valley

Yesterday we have showed you the implementation of the first character. Today we want to give you a preview of the world and the games local-coop mode 🙂 Welcome to the Dragon-Hatchery-Valley.What do you think? Game is still in development.

Posted by JaudaLabs on Montag, 14. August 2017

This is the hatchery place we the dragon egg needs to get protected. At the bottom of the screen you can see the user interface elements that display how much life the gate and egg have.

Here you can see the walkable wall, the portal that spawns the monster waves and the builded defense crystals (both at level 1, not upgraded).