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About the game

BACK TO THE EGG is a wild mix of three popular game genre: Tower-Defense, Hack & Slay and Couch-Coop. The game takes place in a fantasy 3D comic/stylized world. Working as a team, you and your fellow dragonguard have to build a defense and fight a variety of angry monsters before they destroy the last found dragon egg. Every dragon guard weapon has got a variety of different skills which deal the most damage when they are combined correctly with your fellow’s skills.


  • Developer: JaudaLabs
  • Release Date: Still in Early Access until it is done
  • Plattform: Windows, Xbox One (in progress)
  • Price: 4,99€
  • Availability: Steam
  • Languages: English
  • Contact: Game specific questions = // General Questions =


The game is currently an Early-Access title and we can tell you that we are working hard on it to develop this game into a masterpiece. Our future plans include new features like mounts, intense boss fights and epic equipment. We will also work on the content that is already in the game i.E. expanding the world.

Back To The Egg contains two of the most important aspects from Tower-Defense and Hack’N’Slay Games.

  • Build a Defense and level up your Towers
  • Slay as fast as you can Orcs and collect Points to upgrade your Weapons

You need to have a smart strategy, which aspect you will use first. Every second counts! If you want to protect your egg from the mobs and boss fights.

We also include some roleplay elements into the game so that the player has more options to invest his collected orc-souls. It is possible to upgrade the Weapons and give them new designs and also different skills. With that opportunity the player can choose in which way he can play the characters. There are also the opportunity to buy new gear for the characters.


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